Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Review

May 5, 2023, 5:46 p.m.
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As many gamers already know, the Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is set to release next Friday. However, in a large drama, the game was recently leaked online. Reggie tried to stop people from playing the game early by threatening them on Twitter. However, we were still able to gather enough information to complete a full review.

The review will be broken down into a few major sections, backing up a final score at the end.

1. Graphics

The graphics in Tears of the Kingdom are very low level. The game reuses a lot of assets from Breath of the Wild, and overall is very similar graphically. Breath of the Wild didn’t necessarily have bad graphics, but six years later they are outdated. Most Switch games in general have bad graphics, making PS5 a superior choice. Zelda is no different and is taking an L in this category.

2. Music

When you think of great Zelda music, the game that pops into your head is probably The Wand of Chameleon. Long story short, Tears of the Kingdom does not live up to those standards. The music in this game is extremely mid. There is a lot of basic piano music, but nothing ever really catches your attention. On a ranking of Force Awakens (low) to Phantom Menace (high), the soundtrack of this game leans towards the Force Awakens side.

3. Story

The story in this game is extremely convoluted. In the game you control Zelda, who is tasked with travelling across the world of Hyrule to find out who the imposter is. Once he is discovered, your task is to vote the imposter out of the ship to win. Fans will be pleased to hear that Ganondorf makes a return to the series. However, they will also be extremely disappointed to learn that Tingle is still absent. Tingle was the heart of the Zelda games, and to say the least it is shocking to see Nintendo neglect him.

4. Gameplay

The gameplay in Tears of the kingdom is very interesting. Most notably, Nintendo decided to add a new mechanic known as glue. This is a very sticky mechanic, allowing players to attach things together as they please. The glue mechanic is unique, but people who don’t like glue (such as me) won’t care for it. Otherwise, the gameplay is very similar to Breath of the Wild. The gameplay is very mid.

5. Price

The price of Tears of the Kingdom is $70, which is ten dollars more than the usual $60 price point for switch games. I wouldn’t be surprised if many fans transition to Roblox Zelda which is completely free. In conclusion this is a bold move by Nintendo and has a negative impact on our scoring.

Final Score: 71%

The official score for Tears of the Kingdom is a 71%. This means the game is mid. While it is fun to play, it is very similar to Breath of the Wild. It also costs $10 more than other Switch or PS5 games, which makes it harder for use to recommend. The biggest deal breaker is the absence of Tingle once again, which is by far the best character in the Zelda franchise.


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