Official Minecraft Server (bedrock)

Joe Fresh - Oct. 24, 2022, 11 p.m.

Throughout 2022 gamers have been saying one thing: Minecraft is dead. 

This has led everyone else in the world to ask one question: Are gamers right?

Well, the answer is a little more complicated than you may realize. Minecraft peaked in popularity back in the spring of 2012 during what archeologists refer to as The Block Era. At this time, minecraft was extremely popular for exactly one year. In early 2013, all Minecraft fans switched to a superior game known as Club Penguin.

So yes, Minecraft was dead. While it did see a slight popularity spike in 2017 thanks to a shoutout from popular Facebook streamer ninja, Minecraft was largely regarded as a kids game for dumb babies.

However, things have recently took a massive change. This is thanks to popular website releasing a brand new Minecraft Bedrock server. This is a crazy anarchy type server, where gamers from all over the world are welcome to meet up and share their love for gaming.

Many factions have already formed on the server. Most notably, the Greasy Grizzly team has risen to power as the servers ace squad. There is also another much weaker group on the server known as the Ladder Lads. The Ladder Lads really suck at Minecraft and are generally regarded as "noobs" amongst the gaming community.

Anyway, players should use address to join the server.


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