The Ladder Lads are Disbanding

Susan Grahm
April 1, 2023, 2 p.m.
Posted in Gaming

The end of an era.

Earlier this year we released a story covering the Ladder Lads official bankruptcy filing. If you want to get caught up on the situation, feel free to click here.

A short TLDR is that the lads had a falling out. Many disagreed with leadership and had their own views for the channel. Miggy even left the group to start his own non-profit organization targeting the destruction of AI art.

However, after we published this story things started to take a turn for the better. The Ladder Lads began uploading videos again, starting with their coverage of the Chocolate Splatfest in Splatoon 3 (which they lost miserably).

This led fans to assume they were back. Uploads began appearing regularly once again, and it seemed the beef had been squashed. Gordan Ramsey, famous chef and friend of the team, even informed us that he was in talks with the Ladder Lads about starting their own cooking show on the Food Network. This was just yesterday, March 31st.

Unfortunately, the show will never air. Just this afternoon Gordon sent us an update from the Official Ladder Lads discord server:

Yes, you read that correctly. Cam has announced that the Ladder Lads are officially disbanding.

But how did this happen so suddenly? The Ladder Lads are known for being secretive and hiding things from their fans, so we may never know the full truth. However, we can only assume that the previous conflict never fully resolved.

Brotato and Holdino’s involvement with the Russian mafia and cartel were likely just too much for other members of the group to handle.

This means the brief return was staged to help the group recover financially. Logically, this makes sense. By reuniting to produce the latest Splatoon and Smash Bros videos we assume the lads were able to pay back some of their debt.

The only question we have is why the lads decided to delete the channel. Even if no new videos are in the works, it would still be nice for fans to revisit the old memories. The logical explanation is that they could not come up with a revenue split they all agreed with, but this is just speculation.

The Greasy Grizzly team has plans to reach out to the Ladder Lads in attempt of purchasing the channel. but negotiations may be difficult.

Well, I guess our Ladder Lads coverage has finally come to an end. While sad, this situation was inevitable. We thank the Ladder Lads for producing quality content throughout the years, and even more so the wonderful Greasy Grizzly readers. It has been an honor.


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1 year, 2 months ago
this is very unfortunate I am crying rip ladder lads gone but not forgotten