Ladder Lads Declare Bankruptcy

Susan Grahm
Jan. 22, 2023, 2:02 p.m.
Posted in Gaming

A YouTube group known as the Ladder Lads have become a household name over the past few years. During its prime, their popular Minecraft series known as Ladder Land consistently reached the trending page in record breaking fashion.

However, fans have noticed the lads acting a little bit strange lately.

People enjoying the latest Sea of Thieves videos have been left waiting over four weeks for a new release. Not to mention, the stock dropped another 5% yesterday as investors wonder why the lads still haven’t filed their Q4 earnings report.

This is strange considering the Ladder Lads rich past. Within their very own Ladder Land world, the lads frequently wear diamond or netherite armor. It’s no surprise the world was shocked to hear reports that the lads are filing for bankruptcy.

Fans speculate a potential factor to this change could be YouTube’s latest policy update. In particular, YouTube is becoming a lot stricter on their profanity regulations.

We know that the lads are certainly not a family friendly channel. In one of the Ladder Land episodes Cameron can be heard exclaiming, “frick you creeper!” and other obscene phrases. While this could have an impact on the monetization status for the channel, we at Greasy Grizzly find there may be other factors at play.

One lad known as MiggyWaffleWarrior (Miggy for short), has had his fair share of personal controversy recently. This largely relates to his art career and Instagram account known as Miggy Makes Art. He has been very successful in the field, pulling millions of dollars. For years now many believed Miggy was a main investor and contributor to Ladder Lads funding.

Unfortunately, things recently went sour for Miggy. This is due to an incredible innovation within the artist community known as AI art. The Greasy Grizzly team is a huge supporter of AI art as we no longer pay a graphic design team. Miggy holds an alternate opinion. Shooting down the rumors of using AI art in his work, Miggy has taken a public stance against the technology. He even went out of his way to send a statement to the Greasy Grizzly team:

Miggy was recently forced to almost entirely abandon his account Miggy Makes Art, becoming much more active on his rage burner account Miggy Makes Fart. We have also discovered Miggy trying so sell off some of his old artworks in NFT form. We minted one ourselves:

When confronted further about his ongoing position within the declining Ladder Lads, Miggy took no responsibility. Instead, he told us that Holden (known as Holdino) is acting as a “capitalist kingpin” and has “hoarded the Lads' gold”. The Greasy Grizzly team was shocked to see blatant friendly fire occurring within the Ladder Lads organization.

At this point the story became dark and we proceeded to reach out to multiple Ladder Lads. We first received an official response from the popular lad known as Cam:

This response was more positive than we expected, indicating that despite adversity the lads have no plans to declare bankruptcy after all. Cameron defends Miggy’s position against AI art, but also states that “As for the situation involving Miggy, it is unfortunate however necessary”. This implies that Miggy will be making a complete departure from the company. Overall, the Greasy Grizzly team believes this statement was written by the Ladder Lads legal team in a quick effort to save face.

The real shock came when we read the response from the next lad (identity anonymous):

At this point we have a situation of ambiguity. Miggy previously accused Holdino of theft within the organization, but now an anonymous source claims it was rather Miggy himself committing the crime. Not only that, but now we see a mention of “illegal black market goods”, which sounds pretty serious.

Considering Miggy’s rumored departure we believe this claim of shady activity may hold some ground. However, we were clearly missing a key player in the story; Brotato, the CEO himself.

We made a strong effort in contacting the CEO, but he declined to comment.
At the same time as we attempted to contact Brotato, we received an uncalled for message from Cameron containing a screenshot of his dms with Miggy:

The purpose of this message is clear; Cameron is implying that he agrees with Miggy’s earlier statement in regards to Holdino. Of course, this directly contradicts the statement received from our anonymous source.

We must say it is extremely interesting that this message came directly after when we attempted to contact Brotato. The Greasy Grizzly team believes there is likely some behind the scenes communication between the two. If  this assumption is correct, we can start to paint a picture of what is happening within the Ladder Lads.

It appears Brotato and Miggy began secretly working to use the Ladder Lads name and launder money earned from their shady business dealings. As this story began to come out, Brotato recruited Cameron to help throw Miggy under the bus.

At this point the only thing we can say for certain is that the Ladder Lads are clearly in shambles. Being a personality driven company, losing even a single member could be more than enough to put them under. Unless the lads can be clearer to their viewers on what takes place off camera, it will be hard to avoid an impending bankruptcy.

We will continue to stay on top of the story, but expect shares to continue plummeting into the red this Monday.


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