How COVID-19 may have impacted Dabbing Squidward

Susan Grahm
Dec. 24, 2020, 2:04 p.m.
Posted in News


Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, 2020 has been a rough year for everyone in America.

 Since March of this year the government has enforced various rules and regulations, from mandatory mask wearing to city-wide curfews and lockdowns. Though they have promised the public multiple times to wait just “2 more weeks”, or a “few more months”, it is clear at this point that these restrictions will not be leaving anytime soon. It makes us all ask, what happened to Dabbing Squidward?

Dabbing Squidward has been a public figure since January 2016, when a Vine of him “dabbing” went viral. Since then, many eager fans have visited Universal Orlando in order to meet the dabbing hero, often taking photographs or autographs. 

All was well until March 15th, when Universal announced it would temporarily close its parks. If you are a dabbing Squidward fan, this was devastating news, especially when Universal was forced to lay off over 1000 employees. Once the Orlando park opened again (with restriction), dabbing Squidward fans flocked the gates to meet their hero.

However, Dabbing Squidward was nowhere to be found.

The Greasy Grizzly team reached out to Universal Studios, but they failed to comment. Unfortunately, we are forced to conclude that dabbing Squidward has likely been fired, but what could have happened to him?

After getting fired from Universal, Dabbing Squidward would have no choice but to look for a new career. As most small businesses are now bankrupt, his only chance for work would be a large corporation. Despite many corporations thriving from the pandemic, it would still be hard for Squidward to get a good paying job in this climate.

If Squidward’s attempts failed the Greasy Grizzly team predicts he has likely been evicted at this point. Without anywhere to sleep, Dabbing Squidward would certainly move into his car. Luckily, food is easy to come by in Orlando.  From dumpster diving to scavenging in the forest, we are certain that Squidward could have survived.

However, while the whereabouts of Squid are uncertain we have no choice but to ask you, the loyal readers, to head out and search for Dabbing Squidward. Greasy Grizzly will be quick to report any future updates.


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